During the past 20 years sbservice has provided the best linear displacement transducers, linear velocity and angular position manufactured entirely in Argentina. Our main program linear sensors are based on the technology LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer). –

When it comes to measuring solve any problem, our engineers, with their extensive experience will find the linear transducer, angular speed or satifaser requirements more demanding position. –

Our entire production is designed to meet the delivery needs either a solution Standard or Custom sensor. – Our R & D (Research and Development) is continuously expanding the product line to meet an unlimited number of industrial applications. –

All sbservice is committed to earning your trust and guarantee your total satisfaction. Our goal is to offer a competitive product that represents quality and reliability and this lived up to the most demanding measurement applications. –

Same Day Shipping

We have the ability to ship its new transducer or replacement on the same day. If you are in trouble and need to get your transducer as quickly as possible, we are here to help !!!

Personalized Design

SBService has a whole line of transducers that can meet your need, but if not, we can make a custom transducer that suits your requirement. Contact us today to learn more !!

Made in Argentina

Sbservice transducers are manufactured entirely in Argentina proudly with skilled labor and using only the best materials available. –